Simulated Bloody Suctioning

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  • Materials
    • Suction tubing
    • Yankauer suction
    • 3-way stopcock
    • monitoring tubing
    • lubrication
    • 500cc IV bag of “blood”
    • IV tubing with Luerlock™ adaptor,
    • pressure bag, active suction
  • Method
    • Make a tiny incision into the suction tubing 3’ from the end, attach the Yankauer suction.
    • Place the stopcock 1” from incision, attach monitoring tubing to stopcock, measure the length of monitoring tubing to ½” from distal end of the Yankauer. Cut monitoring tubing at that length, lubricate the cut end, and feed it through the incision into the tubing and Yankauer.
    • Take the 500ml IV bag of ‘blood’ and attach the IV tubing. Place it in the pressure infuser bag.
    • Attach IV tubing to the stopcock, this becomes the self feeding ‘blood’ supply.
    • Attach the suction tubing to an active suction source, apply pressure to 500 ml bag and open the stopcock. ‘Blood’ will flow to the tip of the Yankauer fed from the monitoring line inside the suction tubing, and then will be sucked back into a suction canister.
  • Source
    • Originally presented at IMSH 2006 as the poster "Simulation Props: Enhancing Realism on a Budget" by Roger E Chow, Viren N Naik, Georges L Savoldelli, Vicki R LeBlanc. ABSTRACT # 1392 - POSTER BOARD # 89