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About this website

Open Source Sim is a 100% volunteer-run and community-generated collection of ideas on how to create high-quality and low-cost healthcare simulations. Our goal is to increase the number of tools in the toolbox, and provide people with the confidence and resources to create new tools if the right one doesn't exist (yet)!

Simulated Clinical Equipment

Simulated Electronic Medical Records

Simulated Imaging



Simulated Environment

Simulated Supplies

Simulated Wounds (Moulage)

Simulated Procedures (Part Task Trainers)

Hacks and Modifications

Learning from the Special Effects Industry

Serious Games (Screen and TableTop Simulations)

Streamlining Simulation Operations

Make Your Own

Design Thinking






Healthcare Simulation Makers and Projects


Open Source Projects

README: Getting Started in Making and Open Source

Showcases, Hackathons, and Design Challenges

IMSH 2018 Design Challenge

Woot! There is going to be a design challenge for IMSH 2018. Details will be coming soon....

Simulation Hackathons

Spectrum of Ideas (at IMSH and SimOps)

Simulation in Low-Resource Environments



Trading Post

We would like to develop a way to connect people who have equipment they want to get rid with others that would love to have it. We haven't worked out the mechanism for this trading post, but welcome your ideas.

Other Sources of Free/Libre/Open Source Ideas


Become Involved!

We use the the same software as Wikipedia (MediaWiki) and encourage everyone who works behind the sim curtain to become active members of this community-driven resources.

Much of the content on this site was gathered as a part of Behind the Sim Curtain, a website was created by Kam McCowan in 2007 to showcase a collection of tricks of the trade. That content is still available online and is in the process of being moved to Open Source Sim. Behind the Sim Curtain now focuses on the development of the professional and professional development of sim techs and operation specialists.