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  • Originally posted on Behind the Sim Curtain by Bruce Nappi, Center for Simulation Education and Safety Research (CSESaR)'
  • For those who are not in a total space crisis, I wanted to mention another option that we use here at CSESaR.
    • When I first started using the simulators, after a class, I'd unplug all the cords and hoses, wrap them up, and store them in the shipping box.

This took about 20 minutes. It also took about 20 minutes to set up.

    • Trying to speed this up, I went to just stuffing cords in plastic bags, grouped by function - 10 minutes.
    • What we do now, where we can, is store SimMan and SimBaby on their own stretcher with all their needed equipment - compressor, link box, hoses etc. CONNECTED. All units have the same physical wiring layout. Taped to the floor are cords needed to connect to power and the control room, laid out to match the locations on the stretchers. This allows us to roll any SimMan, AirMan or SimBaby into place and be operational in less than 3 minutes.

It is key to set up for tours on very short notice.