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Like a classic car, the original Sim Classic is being recreated with the love and work of the open source community.



  • All of the controls for Sim Classic are outside of the body itself.
  • We can recreate the Linkbox with Arduino or Rasberry Pi



  • Sim Classic was born before there were CAD drawings, so there is some reverse engineering to do.

Sim Classic Hackathon

    • Where
      • Launched at IMSH 2019
      • hosted at a San Antonio makerspace
    • Who
      • Laerdal engineers and designers
      • technically-oriented sim techs
    • How
      • Laerdal will post all the information they have to share
      • We will create a database of parts and start creating appropriate files.
    • What
      • Specific challenge?
      • Equipment
        • 3D printers
        • Soldering stations
        • CNC Mills and Lathes?