Massive Vomiting Airway Trainer (M-VAT) (also called Explosive Airway Manikin)

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Parts/Supplies List:

  1. Old manikin head
  2. ½ inch PVC ¼ turn valve
  3. ½ inch Gate valve
  4. ½ inch PVC pipe 2 pieces about 2+ inches apiece
  5. 3 way PVC connector
  6. Bag Valve Mask (BVM)
  7. Large BP Cuff
  8. All purpose plastic plumbing glue

Equipment needed:

  • BVM
  • PVC ¼ turn Valve
  • PVC gate valve
  • And some ½ PVC pipe

Selecting BVM

  • Clear or translucent = to allow visualization during filling and use and cleaning
  • Screw end caps
  • Round connectors = to fit PVC pipes
  • Pressure check before using

Assemble Steps

Step 1

  • Use a disposable BVM that can be disassembled (I used a Laerdal).
  • Remove any one way valves

Step 2

Find the size of PVC pipe that fits, (½ inch), attach a small length with a ¼ turn valve for filling and on the other end put the ½ adjustable turn valve.

Step 3

½ PVC attached to both ends of the BVM

Step 4

To one side of the BVM put the ¼ turn valve secure with PVC all purpose glue

Step 5

  • Insert the Gate Valve to the other side of the BVM and glue in place
  • Insert a 2+ inch piece of PVC pipe To the other side of the valve
  • BVM with the 2 Valves
  • For pressure, use a large BP Cuff
  • Connect the PVC tube to any airway manikin.
  • If you don’t want to have to clean the lungs, remove and use syringes to plug (12cc & 5cc) fit most
  • With the valve you can adjust how fast the fluids come into the manikin


  • Consider using Nylon cable ties when
  • connecting to the manikin
  • Plug the Oxygen port with silicone
  • Fill from the ¼ turn valve end, initially have the gate vale open as the BVM fills close the gate valve Off set valves by 90 degrees
  • I use a transfer pump ($6 Harbor Freight) to fill
  • I usually have 2-3 BVMs prefilled per manikin and have a couple helpers filling the extra BVMs.
  • The best BVM I have found are the ones that are clear so you can see through and the end caps unscrew, because you can see what level the fluid is in them and you can take them apart to glue. But any type will work.
  • These are great for basic suctioning and for SALAD maneuver training.
  • The BP Cuff works well for about 50% of the BVM capacity and then I have to apply manual pressure.