Developing Low Cost Task Trainer (IMSH 2018 Workshop)

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At IMSH 2018, Tim Shea, CHSOS and Jamie Hamilton, CHSOS, from University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences presented a pre-conference workshop. Here are the slides from that workshop!

Build it Yourself! Low-Cost Task Trainers Tim Shea CHSOS, Simulation Coordinator / Medical Operations Director Jamie Hamilton CHSOS, Simulator Technician / Technology Director University of North Dakota School of Medicine Simulation Center & SIM-ND, Grand Forks, North Dakota

Parts obtained from

  1. ebay/Amazon
  2. Menards/Lowes/Home Depot
  3. Hospitals/Clinics – Discarded items (Get into a relationship with surgery, purchasing, ED, etc) Massive amounts of supplies available. Saves them on disposing costs

Part Task Trainers