Airway Manikin

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  1. Made from old manikin heads (ebay) SimMan (any) easiest, Meti is 2-part head & airway
  2. 8 inch PVC union Halved & Halved
  3. Rough Tote 18 gallon
  4. Bolt 10 inches & nyloc nuts, also referred to as a nylon-insert lock nut
  5. Tubing for over the bolt
  6. Plywood 10 X 18 X 3/4
  7. Smooth-On Foam X
  8. Halloween Eye balls
  9. 2 Prong T-Nuts & blots about 1 ½ inches long to secure on Rough Tote Lid
  10. Screws and washers to hold head onto Rough Tote Lid


  1. Tape eyeballs in place making sure to totally seal them to prevent foam from leaking through.
  2. I use plastic clamp and wire to suspend the head from an IV Pole while drying. This allows for complete filling of the head and no flat areas.
  3. I also use a releasing agent on both the inside and outside of the head, in case any foam gets on the outside. Also coat the bolt and tubing over the bolt with releasing agent.
  4. Foam X expands up to 6 times so select the appropriate amount. Try filling the head to the level you want and drop the size to 1/5-1/
  5. Put the bolt through the ears, make sure to have bolt go through tubing, allows for easily removing and replacing the bolt. Coat with releasing agent
  6. Take the 8-inch union cut into 2 equal halves each will be about 4 inches long, then make a second cut, cutting the halves into half circles. Cut off the 4 corners.
  7. Drill hole large enough for the 10-inch bolt to go directly through from one side to the other
  8. Drill 2 holes in the center line of the PVC Union, to secure the head to the Rough Tote
  9. Secure the PVC Union piece onto the inside of the top of the Rough Tote with the 2 Prong T- Nuts and bolts

Releashing Agent

  • Smooth On
  • Furniture Wax (NOT polish)
  • Pam Spray does not work well

Lungs and Stomach

  • Use small anesthesia bags for the lungs
  • For the stomach use the bag from a non-rebreather oxygen mask
  • Use a syringe that fits snugly onto the right and left main stem bronchus and Esophagus and attach the bags to them
  • Cut lungs – Punch Hole stomach

Foaming the Head

  • Make sure to apply several coats of releasing agent both inside and out!
  • Hang the head upside down, I use several plastic clamps
  • Make sure you place the bolt through the ears first
  • Fill with FlexFoam X to less than 1/3 full to allow for expansion

FlexFoam-iT X

  • Put a pad on the floor under this to catch any FlexFoam X that may leak out
  • The foam should NOT expand to fill the neck!
  • Cure time is several hours
  • Secure the board to Rough Tote Lid with 4 wood screws & washers


  • Make sure the Hold Down bolts do not extend past the end of the T-Nuts
  • Put down Non-Slip pads when using the heads
  • Great for LMS, OPAs, NPS, King Airways etc.
  • Reasonable for normal intubation
  • Can be made for video intubation – have foam extend into the neck
  • Each airway turns out slightly different